Leadership Opportunities

We are always looking for more help! The more the merrier! Descriptions for the Executive committee is below as well as various opportunities for projects and events.

Executive Positions

The Treasurer is responsible for the Chapters Financial records. The
Treasurer receives and disburses, with the approval of the Chapter, all
Chapter funds; pays to Surfrider Foundation National all financial
obligations of the Chapter as they come due; and keeps an accurate
account of all transactions. The Treasurer shall make financial reports to
the Chapter or Surfrider Foundation National upon request, and shall
transmit the accounts and all undistributed funds to the successor in
office. The Treasurer along with the Chair will be co-signatories on the
chapter bank account.

Volunteer Coordinator
The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all members
within the chapter. This officer recruits new members, coordinates all
volunteers within the chapter, places volunteers within each committee,
delegates and supervises new and current volunteers within the
chapter. The VC builds chapter membership, increase member
satisfaction, and communication between the chapter committees. This
person is responsible for bringing in new chapter members on a regular
basis, which is a vital component for chapter growth.

Projects and Events Positions

Blue Water Task Force
The Blue Water Task Force (BWTF) was established by the Surfrider Foundation in 1991 with goals and hopes to gather enough data to raise public awareness, increase public participation, and influence national legislation.
Currently BWTF is taking water samples at five locations in Bellingham (Padden Creek mouth, Little Squalicum Beach, Mud Bay, Larrabee State Park, and the Nooksack River Delta) for fecal coliforms and E. coli presence with the generous donation of laboratory space by Post Point.  BWTF is also in the process of obtaining lab certification, sampling equipment, and equipment for water quality parameter measurements. For more information, please contact Eleanor Hines at eleanorehines@gmail.com .

Native Garden Project/ Ocean Friendly Gardens

The objectives of the ocean-friendly gardens include supporting the existing ecosystem, improving water quality, reducing the occurrence of invasive, non-native plant species, and providing a scenic landscape. Visitors to the garden will gain an understanding of how to garden in an ecologically sensitive manner.
The NWS Chapter is responsible for designing, planting, and maintaining the native garden project at Woodstock Farm. For more information contact nws@surfrider.org.

SnowRider Project
The Snowrider Project educates the public about the impacts of our mountain watersheds on our oceans’ water-quality.
The NWS chapter’s Snowrider Project is based out of Glacier, and is currently helping support the Baker Bus to decrease the enormous number of cars traveling to Mt. Baker Ski Area. In doing so, the Baker Bus protects the North Fork of the Nooksack River watershed.  NWS has also started to collaborate with other organizations in order to keep our rivers clean, and prevent plastics from entering the marine environment by hosting river cleanups on the Nooksack River.

Education Project
Our education project also integrates our various projects to educate the local community.

We also have other projects and campaigns not directly under any of our chapters main projects. They include:

Annual SoundWaves
Every year, our local chapter holds an annual fundraiser to raise money for the various projects. Last year, we had kids event, food, drinks, concert, fashion show and raffling with the support of our many wonderful sponsors at Boundary Bay Brewery.  This year, we hope to repeat and expand the success of last year. In order to make it successful we need help in every aspect (event planning, marketing, band coordination, outreaching for sponsorship and publicity, writing sponsorship letters etc. For more information, please contact Eleanor Hines at  eleanorehines@gmail.com .

Rise Above Plastics Campaign
Our chapter has joined the global campaign in its fight against single-use plastics and single-use water bottles. Did you know that there are two islands of garbage (called Eastern and Western Garbage Patches) that have an estimated 100 million tons of plastic debris in the Pacific Ocean?  Did you also know that when put together, the combined mass is larger then the size of the continental United States?  Every year, 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals die due to the ingestion of or entanglement in plastics. Our impacts to our oceans is astounding, and we all have power to do something about this problem. Our campaign fights to raise awareness of plastics presence in our oceans, encourage the reduced use and recycling of plastics, and the education of the impact plastics has in not only our local environment but our global environment. For more information, please contact us as nws@surfrider.org

“Drain to Bay” Storm Drain Markers
With help and guidance from the City of Bellingham’s Public Works Department, our chapter received 1,000 “Drains to Bay” storm drain markers from DAS Manufacturing. We are in process of placing those makers to the 1,800 storm drain inlets that drain to Bellingham Bay.  In doing so, the City of Bellingham and the Northwest Straits Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation can bring awareness about water quality and it’s connection to surface water quality and the health of the marine ecosystem.  For more information, please contact Brian Smart at tonupyank@yahoo.com.

Beach Cleanups
The Northwest Straits Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation participates in the cleaning of our local beaches with environmentally conscious groups such as RE Sources, NSEA and REI. For more information, please contact Eleanor Hines at eleanorehines@gmail.com .

Film Premiers
In order to support those who bring awareness about our environment, we coordinate with various organizations by presenting films. Some premiers we have helped promote include “Stacked Footy” (Think Tank), “On My Own Two Feet” (Leeward Cinemas and Protect Our Winters), and many many more! Please contact nws@surfrider.org

Other events
We also participate in other events with global Surfrider Foundation, including Ski to Sea, Banked Slalom, Environmental Lobbying in Olympia, Earth Day, International Surf Day, Storm the Sound, Clean Water Classic, and more!

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