March 20, 2013

Protect what you love!
Your help is needed, please take action

There are several new proposed uses of the ocean – alternative energy projects, oil and coal exports, aquaculture projects and more that are competing for the same space as other uses, such as kayaking, surfing and fishing. New uses may also threaten the health of ocean and coastal resources.

Please take a second to ask your state legislator to secure $4 million in funding to support marine spatial planning on Washington’s Pacific coast for the next two years so that we may protect priority ecological and recreational areas from new conflicting uses.


Will you take a moment to sign this online petition? Click here to ask your state legislature to support marine spatial planning.

Willing to take it a step further? Find your local legislature here, then send your own personalized letter or copy and paste the example template below, personalize it, and email or send it to your legislature. It’s really easy, but makes a big difference when our legislature hear from folks like you!

Example letter:

RE: Maintain funding for Marine Spatial Planning in Washington

Dear ____________,

Many of my weekends are spent on Washington’s outer coast enjoying the rich resources of our ocean. Where else can you surf, kayak and fish along such a pristine and spectacular coastline surrounded by the protected wilderness of a National Park?

I was shocked when I learned that the ocean does not share the same protections as the shorelines for these special places and that even in the Olympic Coast Sanctuary, we could have wave energy buoys along the same shore as a popular surfing and kayaking area.

I am happy to share our marine waters with other uses. However, careful consideration needs to be taken about where new projects, such as ocean energy development, are located and how they impact existing users and the health of our oceans and coast.

Please ensure that the State is making informed decisions in order to balances new uses on our coast – maintain $4.2 million from the Aquatic Lands Enhancement Account in the 2013-15 biennium for Marine Spatial Planning.


Learn more about the basics of Marine Spatial Planning on Beachapedia!






Don’t know what ocean acidification is? Check out this free seminar and learn how it may be affecting us locally, and what solutions may help us adapt.

Learn the basics about ocean acidification


From our partner Ban the Bag in Bellingham

Seattle needs our help!


Read The Stranger’s recent endorsement of  Seattle’s Green Bag Campaign. We thought it was pretty entertaining:

“This was a tough one, as both sides made excellent points. On the one hand, environmentalists who know about things like “science” and “dead sea mammals” have researched the issue thoroughly and say that the 20-cent fee on disposable shopping bags—the proceeds of which go partially to the stores and partially to fund recycling programs—would help decrease the number of plastic bags currently piling up in landfills, or being downcycled to shittier plastic bags and then piling up in landfills, and, eventually, slowly disintegrating in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch until they resemble tiny, delicious plankton particles that fish mistake for food but are actually POISON.

On the other hand, plastic-bag companies want more money!”

Seattle needs our help. The American Chemistry Council (backed by Exxon Mobil and other oil giants) has now contributed over $1,000,000 to overturning existing law for a 20 cent fee on plastic bags in Seattle.

Tell your friends and family in Seattle to vote YES on Refurendum 1 on August 18th.

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