Northwest Straits Chapter

Fall Beach Cleanups: A Look Back

We have had 3 beach cleanups so far this Fall, and one more to go!

(10 AM Locust Beach, December 1)

Its been an impressive quarter filled with an unprecedented turnout to all the cleanups (rain or shine, this is Bellingham after all), a HUGE amount of trash picked up, and lots of fun while doing it!

Our Cherry Point beach cleanup for National Make a Difference Day, brought about 25+ people together from the Surfrider Foundation, ReSources for Sustainable Communities and the Citizen Stewardship Committee to pick up over 300 lbs of trash! A week later, the WWU Surfrider club had a great turnout of 21 people who were able to get 122 lbs of trash off Locust Beach!

Lets keep fighting for cleaner oceans, waves and beaches!

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