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Beach Cleanups

Looking for something to do on a sunny afternoon or the weekend? We have an idea… Grab a trash bag or bucket, some gloves and a rain jacket and hit one of your local beaches for a solo cleanup!

That’s right, walking outside on a lovely northwest beach collecting litter before it gets taken off into the ocean. Every little bit helps and your efforts are truly appreciated! 

You may even see some of us out there, on our favorite beach, cleaning up!

Also – here is a super awesome tool you can use to log your cleanup data – Clean Swell. 

With Clean Swell you can: 

  • Record every item of trash you collect.
  • Share your Cleanup results and impact with friends via Facebook, Twitter, and email.
  • Track your total distance cleaned.
  • See the total weight of the trash you collect.
  • Earn badges based on the type and quantity of trash and cleanups you do, like the Sea Turtle Saver!
  • Keep a historical record of your Cleanup efforts.
  • Create ocean trash solutions by contributing to a global database and helping to identify trends.
  • Learn scientific facts about the impact of trash on ocean animals and what you can do to help.

Email your Clean Swell data, and any pictures you have of your cleanup to:

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